Top 5 Extreme Female Horror Writers by Sea Caummisar

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

1. DJ Doyle

Her novella Red is one of my

most favorite books ever. It really played a mind game on me.

D.J. Doyle is the author of multiple horror novels and short stories from extreme horror to comedy horror.

She was raised by pot-smoking hippies and spent her days worshipping pagan deities in the HellFire Club, and her nights watching horror movies. She now lives with her family in a treehouse, preying on unsuspecting travellers, and where she likes nothing better than coming up with ideas for new stories and plotting her next novel. Some of this might have been made up.

*****WARNING: Content may disturb and offend. There are scenes of a sexual nature*****

A depraved past has shaped a man into the twisted serial killer he is today. His obsession with the color Red, and his lust for blood, leads to inventive ways to kill his captives. Who is his next victim, and can she be his salvation?


2. Sam West

Strange Flesh is a book that is not to be missed.

Sam West is a British, extreme horror author with more than forty books to her name. If you like your fiction dark, gritty, gory, perverse and truly terrifying, then you're in the right place.

Strange Flesh Synopsis

Beatrice Langley is a twenty-nine-year-old, nationally-acclaimed artist with the art world at her feet. A product of the Royal Academy, with an aristocratic background and model-looks, she has it all.

Her life is also without intrinsic meaning, and she seeks to fill that void with money, beautiful things, and casual sex. She has a drug problem and is on a downward spiral of depression, partying and nihilism.

Her corrupt soul calls to an incubus, a sex demon who will lead her irreversibly into an abyss of desire and carnage, where her own flesh will betray her in the worst possible way.

Dreams and reality blur as her very humanity slips away from her. Can she save her soul and escape the demon before it's too late?


3. Rayne Havoc

Rayne has the attention span of a goldfish so she tends to write shorter stories.

Full of gory and gross thoughts that need to be put to paper, she writes all the time to clear space for the new stuff. She is a huge fan of horror and loves to be shocked by all things 'extreme'. She focuses on the human condition, what causes people to do the things they do and the possibility that not all of it is wrong.

She's all about the bloody and gruesome, but also loves to sprinkle it with gratuitous sex. She is a little psychotic and a little sweet, lives in Phoenix Arizona- but doesn't get out much for fear of melting to death in the desert heat.


Miller needs to unwind so he goes for a ride down the loneliest Highway in America, only today he comes across someone - a cocky asshole who nearly runs him off the road.

Tired of people who think they can do whatever they want, Miller retaliates.


4. Nikki Noir

Her story The Black Siren is super dark. It might border more on the erotic side than extreme, but definitely very fun.

Nikki Noir writes erotic thrillers, extreme horror, and bizarre plotlines. She enjoys reviewing all forms of dark fiction and fashion at her website


Lilly Gomez has three days to raise five thousand dollars.If she fails, the mob will put out a hit on her. But in order to earn money that fast, her legal options are limited. When erotic photoshoots and soft-core films can’t materialize the money she needs quick enough, Lily is forced to ask her ex-boyfriend for help. Unfortunately, Brent Hardy has a dark side and his brand of “help” sends Lily into a life and death game of bizarre drugs, mobsters, and magick.

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5. Alisha McAdoo

Yours For a Price is more than a hot cover, its contents are equally great.

I have been writing since a young age. While most kids grew up and went outdoors or to parties, I would write. I mainly write all types of horror, mostly favoring extreme horror. I have several books available through Amazon for kindle and in paperback. I am currently working on a few new projects as I continue down this path. Keep your eyes open as I become more well known and produce more to come. You will find that I develop characters that will pull at your heart strings or make you feel a certain way. Before you know it, you will be addicted to my twisted stories.


Warning This book contains graphic materials that may not be suitable for most people. Mallory and Andy were best friends, yet had formed feelings for each other. One dare would change all of that. Andy becomes sick and Mallory dives right in to take care of him. However as Andy sinks further into darkness, daily care becomes a task in itself. Suddenly, Mallory finds herself wrapped in a world she can no longer escape from. Secrets of the past, twists and turns threaten to end the world as she once knew. Andy embraces this darker world, and sickness doesn't stop him from wreaking havoc. This story is a dark fairy tale that will keep you begging for more.


Enter the dark mind of Sea Caummisar. Warning: I love anything involving torture, blood, guts and gore. I'm not only a writer. I'm also an avid reader. My books are not for the faint of heart or people who are squeamish. I love all things horror. Especially b class horror. I love hearing from my readers!!! PS... If you don't like extreme horror, you probably won't like my work.

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