Acrotomophilia Maniac

Acrotomophilia: The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts involving an amputee.


After Willard's wife was disfigured in a car accident, he found himself to be even more attracted to her. Then his obsession grew more everyday.

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Verdict Realty #1. Judge, Jury. Torturer.

Meet Sly Verdict. A successful realtor with a special hobby. He follows a specific set of rules to aid in his serial killing hobby. If you ever buy or sell a house, beware of who might have a spare key to your home. Each chapter in this book demonstrates how Sly applies his 'rules' to his special hobby of killing people that he deems unworthy.

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Chew On This! Anthology

Are you hungry for horror?

Chew on This! has everything you need to satiate your appetite for the strange and macabre. 

Tonight’s menu is a fifteen-course meal of subtle and atmospheric tales all the way down to the grisly, blood-drenched extremes.

Creepy restaurants, treacherous take-out, forbidden feasts, and more!

We’ve got horror so good you can taste it!

Dig in!

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The Embalmer

Sadie is tempted by a body in the funeral home. She can't help herself, her curiosity is too strong. The depraved and obscene thoughts won't disappear, and with nothing holding her back, she succumbs to her sick desires.

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Boys Will Be Boys

Bri goes hiking with her friends, determined to make fun memories before they are off to college. Everett and his friends are making their own memories; ones the girls aren’t going to want to be a part of. The boys forcefully include them anyway.



Something's buried under the Arizona soil... something that doesn't belong there. More than two thousand years old and engraved in a dead language, the ancient stone technology has been unearthed by a deep-state agency. As they experiment on the bizarre structure, the veil between our world and another is pierced, and a powerful substance begins to seep into the woods.   
Crime, shared nightmares, and lustful possessions grip the nearby town of Shale as the metaphysical substance grows stronger. 
Sex, murder, and glue abound in this occult thriller from extreme horror author Nikki Noir


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He wasn't like the other boys. Too rough. Even on the day he came out of Momma's belly. When Momma died, though, they sent him away to a terrible place. A doctor place... but the people there didn't act like doctors. They called him Cherub and they made him do awful things. Wet things. Hurty things. Until he met his angel, that is. She made it better and the pain went away. For awhile. Nothing lasts forever except a mother's love.

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Jaga's Bones

"I just loved Jaga's Bones--what a wild ride. I'm not sure if Simon McHardy has written the Lord of the Rings of bizarro fantasy or the darkest, weirdest post-fantasy novel I've ever read. Or both."


- Philip Athans, editor and author Writing Monsters

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